April 29, 2008


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Grand Theft Auto IV was released today. I have to confess, I own the previous 3 GTA games and I’m looking forward to playing this one. Should I feel guilty for liking such a violent game?


April 28, 2008

Reason #84 Why I’m Not Fond of Roger Clemens

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As if I needed another reason not to like Roger Clemens, he goes and does the unthinkable.  Several websites, including, are reporting that Clemens had an alleged decade long affair with McCready starting when Clemens was a 28 year old pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and McCready was only 15 years old!  (More on McCready and our past in a minute)

I can’t remember exactly when I started disliking Roger Clemens.  I think it probably all started when he was a New York Yankee and said that he would never go to Cooperstown with a Boston Red Sox hat on.  He may be lucky to get in at all now.

 It could have been when, in a fit of roid rage, he tossed a piece of a broken bat at Mike Piazza in the 2000 World Series.

 roid rage

It could have been the fact that while playing with the Astros he never traveled with the team to games on the road and only seemed to show up when he was the starting pitcher.  

It could be because he seems to retire from baseball every year and then shows up around mid-season and wants to play on a team contending for a spot in the World Series.

It could be his stupid mid-life crisis, bleached blonde, spiked, N*Sync, Lance Bass hair…


It could be because he and his wife seem to share a lifetime supply of human growth hormone and pose for pictures like this…

Liar, cheater, etc…

On top of all that, Clemens has now made it personal with his alleged affair with Mindy McCready.  McCready and myself have history together…

Me and Mindy McCready

My relationship with McCready started after she opened for George Strait in Birmingham in 1995.  We met backstage where this picture was taken.  I was an instant fan/stalker.  Anyone who visited my basement bedroom in Jasper saw the above picture blown up into a poster on my wall.  

Clemens was in Boston at the time and little did I know, their affair had been going on for four wonder my calls weren’t returned.  

Our relationship ended when she decided to marry Superman (Dean Cain).  I wonder if he knew about Clemens.  

McCready’s life soon started spiraling downhill at a rapid pace (much like Clemens’ career is currently doing).

McCready mug

I blame Clemens for the fall of the talented Mindy McCready.  It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

April 27, 2008

Adam wins Big Brother 9

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For some strange reason, I have been addicted to the CBS reality show, Big Brother this season. I have followed this season from episode 1. The final two came down to Adam and Ryan with Adam taking home the $500,000 grand prize.

With so much free time in the Big Brother house, many of the house guests resorted to reading the Bible to pass the time away. It was interesting yet sad to hear the house guests’ warped views of Christianity. I cringed every time Natalie, the bikini barista, talked about “Team Christ”.

I did chuckle at this video…

Nerf Hoops

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This reminds me of a typical night in my old apartment…

Dinner and Movie

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Yesterday, Jaime and I spent most of our treasured Saturday going through old clothes to give away. It’s amazing how much stuff we both can accumulate. After hours of sifting through clothes, we actually noticed that we have a bed in our guest bedroom…who knew? We have about 6-8 garbage bags full of clothes to give away.

After almost overdoing it on the elliptical (399 cals, 20 min), Jaime and I went to dinner with Caleb and Maria at my favorite restaurant, Sol Azteca (I had to recover my lost cals). After dinner, we hit up blockbuster for a movie and Publix for some movie snacks. I ate my weight in M&Ms and we watched Juno. It was actually a good flick. I didn’t expect much but I was entertained. We then introudeced the Hopkins’ to one of our favorite shows, Forensic Files. Jaime and I watch about 2 of these per night. We have pretty much seen every episode. Our DVR always has 5 episodes ready to view.

I’m off to greet people in the 8:30 service.

April 26, 2008

No Country For Old Men

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Jaime and I watched No Country For Old Men last night with her parents. If you are looking for a “feel good” movie, I would suggest not to watch this one.

April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chipper – Congrats Smoltz

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Chipper Jones celebrated his 36th birthday last night by going 3-3 with a homer and receiving an autographed guitar from Rascal Flatts. Not a bad night!

Congratulations John Smoltz for joining the exclusive 3000 Strikeout Club!

“Stuff Christians Like”

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Landon Howell’s blog introduced me to this site and it has now become one of my daily website visits. If you grew up in the “church culture” you will surely find something that will make you chuckle. Check it out:

Are You A “Shirker”?

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I am currently reading, “Death By Suburb” Death By Suburb by David Goetz. This is a required reading for the ministerial staff at Dawson. The author will be conducting a seminar for our staff next month. In his book, Goetz compares religious folks to the life of a shirker bull.  He writes, “The shirker bull is a male elk that is able to grow very large antlers because it shirks his biological duty by choosing not to participate in the rut.” “The shirker bull, most likely a loner, avoids fighting other males and thus pours all his caloric energy into growing exceptionally large antlers.” Goetz goes on to say, “Shirkers are religious folk who inadvertently disengage from the suffering of the world and who unwittingly collect to themselves every available religious experience. Whether the latest book or Bible study or spiritual director or new church with the really authentic and post-postmodern worship, Shirkers are always on the move for the next spiritual plane. Shirkers are wild for the ideas of God.” Shirkers want to make their life count through acts of service. When the service produces no results, the shirker tends to move on to other acts where his or her service seems to be producing results. “The problem isn’t with the act of service but with its motivation.”

Goetz continues, “Religion in the ‘burbs tends to be more a program to join than it is an experience that changes your life. The more I participate in the programs, the further I remove myself from the deep suffering of the world. That’s too bad. The entrance to the thicker, deeper life in Christ goes directly through the suffering of others. As soon as I discover my spiritual gifts, I am hustled into serving in one of the legion of church programs. Eventually I get to be a church leader, and I can sit for four or five hours at a setting and discuss leveraging resources for the kingdom of God.”

“What we enjoy, after being released from the need for significance and success, is the sweetness of the obedience. Finding one’s purpose comes not from the results of service but from the act of obedience.”

I am often guilty of being a “shirker”. Unfortunately, the church often encourages the “shirker” lifestyle. I am convinced that God is trying to teach me something here lately. Several of the books that I am reading right now are challenging me in weird ways. I’m never really a fan of books that I am forced to read but this one has not been all that bad.

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