April 28, 2008

Reason #84 Why I’m Not Fond of Roger Clemens

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As if I needed another reason not to like Roger Clemens, he goes and does the unthinkable.  Several websites, including, are reporting that Clemens had an alleged decade long affair with McCready starting when Clemens was a 28 year old pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and McCready was only 15 years old!  (More on McCready and our past in a minute)

I can’t remember exactly when I started disliking Roger Clemens.  I think it probably all started when he was a New York Yankee and said that he would never go to Cooperstown with a Boston Red Sox hat on.  He may be lucky to get in at all now.

 It could have been when, in a fit of roid rage, he tossed a piece of a broken bat at Mike Piazza in the 2000 World Series.

 roid rage

It could have been the fact that while playing with the Astros he never traveled with the team to games on the road and only seemed to show up when he was the starting pitcher.  

It could be because he seems to retire from baseball every year and then shows up around mid-season and wants to play on a team contending for a spot in the World Series.

It could be his stupid mid-life crisis, bleached blonde, spiked, N*Sync, Lance Bass hair…


It could be because he and his wife seem to share a lifetime supply of human growth hormone and pose for pictures like this…

Liar, cheater, etc…

On top of all that, Clemens has now made it personal with his alleged affair with Mindy McCready.  McCready and myself have history together…

Me and Mindy McCready

My relationship with McCready started after she opened for George Strait in Birmingham in 1995.  We met backstage where this picture was taken.  I was an instant fan/stalker.  Anyone who visited my basement bedroom in Jasper saw the above picture blown up into a poster on my wall.  

Clemens was in Boston at the time and little did I know, their affair had been going on for four wonder my calls weren’t returned.  

Our relationship ended when she decided to marry Superman (Dean Cain).  I wonder if he knew about Clemens.  

McCready’s life soon started spiraling downhill at a rapid pace (much like Clemens’ career is currently doing).

McCready mug

I blame Clemens for the fall of the talented Mindy McCready.  It should be interesting to see how this plays out.


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  1. im glad someone like me cares
    you are a great guy and are made for eatch other

    Comment by robbiebratcher — December 10, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

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