September 13, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

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I attended the Taylor Swift Fearless Tour on Friday night.  Jaime could not attend so my friend Justin went with me.  Thanks to Tom Hanrahan for hooking us up with amazing seats!  Like her music or not, Taylor Swift puts on an amazing show!…  And, meeting her was pretty cool too!


December 10, 2008

Google Is Stalking Birmingham

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This is kind of scary…

Google adds street-level photos to Birmingham maps

Here are a few things that I’ve found so far using these street-level maps:

My house and Tahoe and Dawson’s FRC (looks like I left the garbage can out)…


Dawson Memorial Baptist Church…


I actually found Todd and Jennifer Harrington outside their home…


Even Jasper is being stalked by Google.  Here’s Walker High School…


July 1, 2008

Poking Fun at “Mayor” Langford

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Wanna good laugh?  Listen to some of these ridiculous statements by Birmingham’s mayor, Larry Langford regarding bringing the Olympics to Birmingham.  Follow this link.  

June 23, 2008

Olympics in Birmingham?

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Dream on Larry Langford.  Maybe if NASCAR or College Football is added as an Olympic game we’ll have a shot.  Who elected this nut anyway?  Check out this article on  Mayor Langford is making our great city the laughing stock of the national media.  

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