April 8, 2009

R.I.P. Larry

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Our family cat, Larry, passed away today.  His little kidneys failed him.  He will be missed by all (except Mary Bec and Justin).

I adopted Larry when I was in college.  At that time, I was working at Hat Shack in the Galleria Mall.  While at work one night, two girls came in to the Hat Shack with a pet carrier.  I asked to see their new kitten and they offered him to me.  Turns out that Larry’s original owners tried to return him to the pet store because their dog was trying to eat him.  The pet store did not take returns.  I could not let this cat go home to a hungry dog.  Without my roommates’ approval, I decided to adopt the kitten.  I named him after my favorite baseball player, Chipper Jones (Larry Wayne Jones Jr.).  I kept him in the stockroom for the rest of the evening and then surprised my roommates with the cat when I got off work.  I don’t think that they were as thrilled as I was.

Because of their so called “allergies”, Larry ended up in Jasper living with my parents.  He was a good cat but would turn on you in an instant.  I kind of liked that about him.  You never really knew if you could trust him.

I’ll miss you Larry!


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