May 29, 2008

Johnny Cash

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I just finished reading Johnny Cash’s autobiography at the lake over Memorial Day weekend. It was a very interesting and honest portrayal of Cash’s life. It was written in the late ’90s so it felt like I was hearing my Granddad tell me stories. The following is one of my favorite stories from the book:

I was walking down 57th Street (in New York City) with June one Sunday morning when we happened on the First Baptist Church of New York, which we hadn’t noticed before because its entrance doesn’t look like a church’s. We saw from a sign outside that services were just about to start, so we went in, and the strangest thing happened. The congregation was seated as we entered, but about halfway down the aisle a young boy was turned around watching the door. He saw us, immediately jumped up, and yelled, “JOHNNY CASH!! Johnny Cash has come to church with me!”

As it happened, the only free seats were right next to him and his parents, so we took them, and that’s when we saw the boy was mentally handicapped. He was so excited. “I told you!” he kept saying to his parents. “I told you he was coming!”

The preacher came over and explained to us that, yes, the boy had told his parents, and the whole congregation, repeatedly that I was going to walk into that church, sit down beside him, and worship with him. And that’s what I did. Being next to him was such a pleasure. He was so happy.

When the service was over, we walked down to the corner with him and his parents, and they filled in the story. They were Jewish, they said, but their son had decided to become a Christian after listening to some of my gospel recordings. That’s why they were in a Christian church on a Sunday morning. They were in that particular Christian church because that’s where he knew I was going to walk in the door.

After reading this book, I’m now interested in reading some of his earlier works. I would even like to see the movie that he made that I’d never heard of about the life of Jesus called, “Glory Road”. He even wrote a book about the Apostle Paul called, “Man in White”. Cash was a very interesting character indeed.



  1. I love that story.. I have read “Man Called Cash” but no this autobiography. I had a post on him a few months back. Here is the link if you want to let me know what you think. Its called “Cash Got Grae”.


    Comment by dpcpastor — May 30, 2008 @ 10:21 pm

  2. I’ve read “Man In White”. It’s fantastic! I’ve spent the last few days looking for “Glory Road” but I’m beginning to think it was never released on video.

    Comment by Steve — September 2, 2008 @ 9:25 pm

  3. Steve, occasionally you can find it on ebay.

    Comment by dpcpastor — September 14, 2008 @ 7:46 pm

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