October 19, 2006

Thank you Mr. Robber

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Yesterday as I was returning to work from the doctor’s office, I was pulled over by a Hoover police officer. I was driving down Valleydale Rd. and passed a school zone. I noticed the flashing sign saying 25 mph, but I guess I didn’t slow down enough. The cop came to my door and asked if I knew I was driving in a school zone. I confess that I lied and said “no sir”. He said “Well that’s no excuse, I’ll have to give you a ticket. We have no tolerance for speeding in school zones”. I tried to talk him into letting me slide but my charm was not working. I do remember praying as I was getting pulled over as my heart was beating out of my chest. I’m not sure what I was asking God to do? As the cop asked for my DL and proof of Insurance, his radio chirped and said something like “37 or 47”. The cop said to himself, “Is that a robbery?”. He excused himself and returned the radio call. After a few minutes (and more prayer), the cop returned to my window and said “Mr. Gambrell, you have the luck of the Irish”. He told me to slow down and off he went to catch the robber I guess. I wanted to say, no sir, it’s not the Irish that I have, but I didn’t want to chance him coming back to reconsider my ticket. I honestly feel like God intervened in that situation to reveal his glory to me. I was impressed to say the least.

Today was another rainy day. I had my yearly performance evaluation today with Chris. It was mostly good but he did say that I needed to improve on my procrastination. I do agree with him there. My ADD and his OCD is a unique mix.

Jaime and I just got back from a cookout with the other Dawson staff members who live in the Dawson houses. We met at Kellee McCoy’s house. Kellee and Natalie, Jeremy, Lee and Dawn, and Jaime and I attended. It is cool to have these opportunities in this area.

The Cardinals just beat the Mets to win the NLCS. They will be playing the Tigers in the World Series.

I’m excited about the Alabama/Tennessee game this weekend. Roll Tide

I just saw a Fox6 News story about some redneck Bama fans who just got hitched at Legion Field. I’m wondering if they know that Alabama doesn’t play there anymore?


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