October 16, 2006

Rainy Monday

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11:31 pm

It finally felt like I had an off day today. I woke up at about 9:00am this morning. It was a very rainy day. Chris called and I went to lunch with him, Rowan, Jeremy, and Mandy at U China Buffet. I went to my Helena house to move a few more things. Rascal went with me. It is so great to be living in town now. I’m so blessed to be in the situation that I’m in. I pray that God gives me strength and ambition to diligently get up every day and perform my daily duties. I pray that God gives me people to minister to this week.

I went to the FRC to workout for the first time in no telling how long tonight. I thought I was going to die on the elliptical machine. I switched machines and finished my 20 minutes of cardio. I pray that I can continue this habit for a while.

Jaime cooked stir fry tonight and we watched a great Monday Night Football game. The Bears came back from a 20-3 deficit to defeat the Cardinals. I lost 20 on the game after a very successful weekend. I have mixed personal feelings about gambling. I’m not trying to justify it because I know people who struggle with it. For me personally, I put 80 bucks into an account at the first of the year and when that money is gone, I am done. Maybe it’s like playing with fire and I just haven’t gotten burned yet. I just find it enjoyable watching a game on tv when I have something riding on the outcome.

Jaime and I watched 24 tonight on DVD. We are deep into season 4 after starting from Season 1, earlier this summer. Marriage life is cool. It’s cool to have someone to go to the gym with, eat with, and watch tv with every night. I think living at this location with help grow our marriage by getting to spend more time per day with each other.

Aaron’s baby was born on Friday via an emergency C-section. Here is the email he sent me today:

As most of you already know Friday at 1 AM Tracy’s water broke. When we went to the hospital they were very concerned about the baby’s heart rate so they decided to do an emergency C-section. Kayla Elizabeth was born at 8:28 AM Friday 18 October. Kayla did not have a heart beat for approximately two minutes after the birth. She was resuscitated and seem to be doing all right until about 1 PM on Friday. Around 1 PM her temperature and heart rate dropped dramatically. The doctors made the decision to move her to another hospital off post (Columbus Regional Medical Center) where they have an outstanding Neonatal Center for High Risk Infants. Tracy still remained at Martin Army Community Hospital at Ft. Benning, GA.
Some time during the night around 2 AM, Kayla had a seizure. They gave her some medications to control these but she had another one while I was visiting her at 10 AM on Saturday. The doctors were concerned with some of the hand and leg movements she was doing were signs of seizures. On Monday they will perform an EEG to test to see if Kayla has any damage to her Neurological System that can be causing seizures.
On Sunday morning, Tracy was released from the hospital where we went straight to see Kayla. Kayla had made significant progress that morning. She was able to get her first bath. They took her off oxygen and her movement was much better. Tracy was able to hold her which really lifted her spirits and made everyone smile. Tomorrow she gets her EEG and will probably get to eat. Thing look much better for now but it is still a waiting game. I will keep you all updated and thank for all the support and prayers. We have lots of support her and really don’t need anything other than your thoughts and prayers. I have attached some pictures of Kayla for you all to see. As you will see she has here mother’s nose and mouth and her daddy’s long legs and big feet.

Kayla Elizabeth Billingsley
20 in. 5 lbs 12 oz
Time of birth 8:28 13 OCT 2006

~The Billingsleys

I called Aaron today and the baby seems to be doing better. They did and EEG today and should get the results tomorrow. I pray that God gives Kayla a healthy life and blesses her and her parents.

We had the opportunity to go visit my family in Jasper on Saturday. It was good birth control to be with my sister’s new baby haha. It slept, ate, and cried all day long. This was good for my wife to witness because it seems that everyone has been asking her about kids. We just got married in January and I’m not sure if I’m ready for kids yet. I pray that God gives me wisdom about that kind of timing.

As I mentioned earlier, I watched a great MNF game tonight. SportsCenter just showed AZ’s coach, Denny Green “go off” at the press conference. A very disappointed coach.

I should be in bed. I am going to try to get up before work and workout. We’ll see if that happens.


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