October 10, 2006

Why Blog?

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12:29 am

I created this “blog” tonight because I am getting bogged down with my journaling assignment for my Spiritual Formation class at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Hopefully this new format will inspire me to express my thoughts on a more regular basis. The word “blog” itself kinda annoys me. I feel like I should be on a Mac computer in a coffee shop wearing dark rimmed glasses or something. Instead, I’m on my couch with my dog watching SportsCenter and listening to a sermon on itunes.

Today we had a staff meeting at Dawson. Steen gave us the chance to share some thoughts that we experienced at Catalyst Conference. I shared about what I got from Andy Stanley’s session:

Leadership is a Stewardship…it is temporary and I’m accountable…
-Be Diligent, Fearless, and Humble

We must declare daily that the most high God is sovereign over the kingdoms of this world and he gives them to anyone he wishes.

I also shared how I enjoyed getting to know the staff better on the trip. God has placed me in this position and I must take full advantage of my daily work. I am so blessed to be where I’m at.

I’m heading to bed. This blogging stuff is for the birds.


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